Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ending


In a few minutes, 2008 will end and 2009 will come. Two thousand and eight has been one fun roller coaster. Ups and downs and circles and squares and ins and outs and any other possible direction. Two thousand and eight has made me laugh, cry, shout and several times it made me fall so hard, I thought it was impossible to get up.

But two thousand and nine is here and it looks like I'm still standing.

January 2008
This was the month that I got into my first fight with the Turtle. I also realized that being in a college filled with judgmental people is really really hard. My 19th birthday came and went without so much as a sigh than a bang because I felt no different than when I turned 15, 16, etc. Except maybe for that growing dread that I can no longer claim immaturity because of being a teen. Heath Ledger died, and I got into a fight with an annoying friend.

February 2008
The drama of my friends started and I became the girl whom they all have to tell everything to. Also decided that life isn't so bad and decided to give a very lengthy thanks for it. A serial killer was going around my hometown at this time, therefore proving that carrying a pair of rusty scissors isn't so crazy after all. My first valentine with the Turtle and we didn't even get to spend it together because he had an educational trip to attend to and I had requirements required the next day. Other than embarrassing myself by falling on my face several times that months, having certain regrets that ate my guts, I have described this month as one big moody slug month that was saved only by the Turtle's presence.

March 2008
Fights with the Turtle became more common ever since the numero-uno fight, but I'm glad we got over it and managed to grow together and become stronger. This month the Turtle and I went to different areas of the Philippines. I went to Surigao, Mindanao for a missinary trip and the Turtle went to the Negros Oriental to visit his family, whom he has not seen for about six years. The trip was a first among many because I've never had a trip that lasted for days, it was amazingly fun.

April 2008
I visited an old classmate and though that depressed me a lot, I was still sure that I made the right choice in the path I decided to follow. The Turtle and I talked about marriage and kids during a holiday that I couldn't spend with him because we're not allowed to have vacations.

May 2008
As the two-month long vacation continues, I've gotten a fever and was sick for three days. Though before the month ended, my Mom helped me to get a pretty hair makeover! I was bouncy and pretty for several weeks to come. I was extremely proud of my babeh because he impressed my Mom and I'm glad my Mom liked him. Also am thankful for my Barkada when they sang for me online because I couldn't join in their sleepover because of the unavoidable fact that I was a girl and they're all boys.

June 2008
Classes started and therefore I became very very busy person. But I'm still glad that I had enough time to have drama and a really immature picture with the Turtle.

July 2008
I found out that my cousin was gay and was shocked about it but I really should have seen it coming. I also realized that taking stupid pictures is a good way to waste time. Also got involved in writing a column for the College's newspaper, even though I though I couldn't write anything anymore.

August 2008
Writing isn't fun but ever since I got chosen to write a column, I've been trying my hand in typing up sentimental blog entries about the Turtle, people I traveled with, standing up again, and Je. I even tried to enter so many topics in an entry about numbers. It was fun while it lasted.

September 2008
Stress gave me so much weird feelings in my body that I thought I had cancer. I broke my laptop and numbers drove me insane. Still loving the Turtle.

October 2008
Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy! Because of this I didn't get to have a life of my own. Also still laptop-less and therefore internet-less but it wasn't so bad I guess.

November 2008
Obama won and I got to finally get a lot of things. Finally got internet connection, new digicam, a hair cut and more importantly, the Turtle bonded with my Dad.

December 2008
Grandma died this month and now I only have one living grandparent left. Christmas vacation started and the said vacation lost it's appeal after the second day. Christmas was amazingly cool because I spent the warm day with the Turtle.

In a few minutes the year two-oh-oh-eight will end and I look forward to the year two-oh-oh-nine. Two thousand and eight was fun, and I can only hope that two thousand and nine will be just as great.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Lotsa love, Jana



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